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Nemish Shah Portfolio: Biography, Net Worth (2024)

Nemish Shah Portfolio

The name Nemish Shah is evoked with curiosity and fascination in the world of financial portfolios. Shah, who is well-known for his keen investment sense, has distinguished his portfolio from others in the financial industry by carving out a place for himself. In this piece, the fundamental ideas and strategies that underpin the success of the Nemish Shah Portfolio are examined.

Nemish Shah Portfolio Overview

Name Nemish Shah
Age 60+ Years
Place of Birth Unknown
Education B.Com. from Lala Lajpat Rai College, Mumbai University in 1977
Occupation Co-founder and director of ENAM Holdings, a leading financial advisory institution in India
Net Worth Approximately $152 million
Investment Style Value investing, long-term investing, fundamental bottom-up research
Famous Picks Infosys, Lakshmi Machine Works, Elgi Equipments, EID Parry

Biography of Nemish Shah

Nemish Shah’s involvement in the financial industry began in 1984 when he co-founded ENAM Securities. Over the years, the company’s operations grew to encompass investment banking, effectively assisting the IPOs of multiple companies. The recent acquisition of ENAM’s investment banking and broking business by Axis Bank enhanced the company’s standing in the market. Shah graduated from Mumbai University’s Lala Lajpat Rai College with a degree in commerce in 1977.

Nemish Shah is well known for his charitable pursuits in addition to his wealth. He was a key figure in the founding of the Foundation for Liberal and Management Education (FLAME), a nonprofit organization whose mission is to develop a top university with Indian principles at its core.

Nemish Shah Portfolio in 2021

Analyzing Nemish S. Shah’s portfolio in 2021 reveals that there have been some ups and downs in his net worth. Though Nemish S‘s portfolio saw a steep decline in 2020, it may have been because of his quick positional changes that his net worth increased by 19% (as of September 2021) in comparison to the preceding quarter, March 2021.

According to reports, NS Shah Portfolio increased its assets by 1% this year by purchasing a 1% interest in Bannari Amman Sugars Ltd. After observing a significant decline in the stock of Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd, the investor even reduced his position by -0.16%. Nevertheless, at the close of 2021, his net portfolio worth stood at 1,187.66, which contributed to his 10% profit margin in 2021 over 2020.

Compared to the nine stocks the corporation owned in 2020, the investor held somewhat fewer stocks in the March quarter—just eight. Notable are NS Shah’s continuous changes to Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd. and Zodiac Clothing Ltd., two of his largest enterprises. The investor may be observed cutting back on his position in both stocks. However, it might be part of his financial plan, or a signal from the market telling him to do so.

Nemish Shah Portfolio in 2020

In 2020, Nemish S. Shah’s Portfolio had significant ups and downs, just like those of numerous other major players. Ultimately, however, a few of the investor’s securities performed better, saving NS Shah from severe losses. The investor found a goldmine in EID Parry (India) Ltd, Lakshmi Machine Work, Shreenath Investment, Elgi Equipments Ltd, and Super Spinning Mills. NS Shah did, however, sell off 0.01% of his stake in EID Parry (India) Ltd back in 2020, perhaps as a result of the investor’s tactical moves.

Subsequently, Bannari Amman Sugars Ltd., one of the newest investments in the investor’s portfolio, is included by NS Shah. The portfolio consisted of ten equities, and the company’s net worth was Rs 1,135.1 Crore. However, the overall net worth of the NS Shah portfolio appears to be approaching half as the corporation begins to reduce its stakes in High Tech Gears Ltd, JSW Steel Ltd, and GKP Printing & Packaging Ltd in particular. Nine equities were remaining in NS Shah’s portfolio at the end of the 2020 fiscal year. Some equities, such as Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd. and Shreenath Investments Company Ltd., remained the top holdings because there was no discernible shift in the position this year.

Nemish Shah Portfolio in 2019

Nemish S. Shah Portfolio 2019 states that throughout the year’s first two quarters, the portfolio’s net worth fell precipitously. The portfolio’s net value decreased by 17% in the March quarter to Rs. 615.52 crore. The net worth decreased once more to Rs. 484.4 crore in the June 2019 quarter. The investor had eight stocks in the June quarter and nine stocks in the March quarter of this year. The majority of the enterprises whose shares are held are those that produce engineering goods, machinery, and spinning mills.

The share price of Bannari Amman Sugars Ltd. was Rs. 1236.6 during the March quarter, and the investor’s holding percentage of the company fell below 1% for the first time. Aside from that, there were shares of Zodiac Clothing Company in both quarters. If you are familiar with the market, you know that notable investors like Nemish Shah and others of this caliber are investing in this company. Many investors see this company as a potential gold mine in the future.

The investor changed only one stake this year, Bannari Amman Sugar Ltd., which is another intriguing piece of information. According to their holding % in the two covered quarters thus far, all the stocks are identical.

Nemish Shah Portfolio in 2018

Nemish S. Shah Portfolio for 2018 indicates that around 10 shares were invested in each quarter. A few fresh investments were also made in a handful of the shares; these will be covered in more detail below. The holding percentage in Shreenath Investments at the end of the 2018 December quarter remained at 8.84%, just like it did throughout 2019. The investment with the highest value this quarter was Lakshmi Machine Works, whose equities in Nemish Shah’s portfolio were valued at Rs. 334.1 crore.

The amount invested in this stock has also climbed by 0.21% this quarter. Super Spinning Mills received the lowest investment amount this quarter, totaling just Rs. 3.04 lakhs. The investor purchased a 2.59% position in Bannari Amman Sugar Ltd. during this quarter’s investment. As a result of the investor selling off shares of Asahi India Glass Ltd. during the current quarter, the stakeholding percentage went below 1%.

Nemish Shah Portfolio in 2017

According to the Nemish S. Shah Portfolio 2017, the investor purchased an 8.11% interest in Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd. for Rs. 334.1 crore during the March quarter. In total, 888873 shares of this business were in Mr. Nemish Shah’s portfolio at the time. There were JTEKT Indian Ltd. shares with a market value of Rs. 78.2 crores and a share price of Rs. 90.1.

The shares were held as they had been in the prior quarter, with very little variation in the portfolio during the June quarter of 2017. Nonetheless, throughout this quarter, the interest in JTEKT India Ltd. decreased by less than 1%. Nemish Shah selected Bannari Amman shares and contributed 2.59% of the company’s equity during the September 2017 quarter. Aside from this, he owned the majority of the shares from the prior quarter.

Neither new shares were added to the portfolio nor any shares were sold during the December 2017 quarter. At the end of 2017, Nemish Shah had a net worth of Rs. 1373.43 crores. It was his portfolio’s highest net worth over the previous five years.

What is Nemish S Shah’s Net Worth?

Nemish S Shah Net Worth
Quarter Net worth(Cr) Change%
Jun-22 1,169.89 -1%
Mar-22 1,183.11 0%
Dec-21 1,187.66 10%
Sep-21 1,075.91 19%
Jun-21 903.85 0%
Mar-21 897.67 46%
Dec-20 611.25 -46%
Sep-20 1,135.1 36%
Jun-20 829.71 31%
Mar-20 633.06 47%
Dec-19 428.15 -8%
Sep-19 466.89 -22%
Jun-19 602.92 -12%

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