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Top Pesticide Companies in India (2023): Fields of Fortune

Pesticide companies in India

India’s agricultural landscape is a colorful tapestry that supports millions of people’s livelihoods and makes a major economic contribution to the country. A vital part of contemporary agriculture, pesticides are essential for protecting crops from damaging pests and illnesses. India has a thriving and diverse pesticide market, with many businesses competing to offer farmers efficient solutions. The purpose of this article is to examine the state of pesticide companies in India and to discuss their importance, difficulties, and contributions to the agricultural industry.

Bayer Crop Science Ltd

Bayer CropScience Ltd

Under Bayer AG, Bayer Crop Science (the top Pesticide Companies in India) was established in Barmen, Germany, in 1863 and is a leader in global agriculture. It is a well-known pioneer in crop protection, with its main office located in Leverkusen, Germany. One of the leading pesticide manufacturers in India, its main customers are the Indian states of Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, and Maharashtra. Their initiatives, like “Food Chain Partnerships” and “Better Life Farming,” assist in providing for the particular regional requirements of Indian farmers. This pesticide companies in India has 36,094 million in total revenue.

Notable Products: Innovative pesticide products like Roundup (glyphosate) and the powerful insecticide imidacloprid, which are revolutionizing modern agriculture, are among their portfolio offerings.  Imidacloprid has low toxicity to mammals and is effective against a variety of insect pests, such as fleas, aphids, and other insects that harm crops.

Application Guidelines: Bayer Crop Science pesticides are applied using equipment designed specifically for each crop, sprayers, and water after following prescribed procedures. Application responsibility guarantees both efficacy and safety.

Coromandel International Ltd

Coromandel International Ltd

Coromandel International is one of the best Pesticide Companies in India and a mid-sized business that produces and sells agricultural inputs, which include organic compost, specialized nutrients, crop protection, and fertilizers. A preview of the company’s most recent financial results is provided here.

  • The company declared the final cash dividend of Rs. 6 on July 14, 2023.
  • In addition, over the previous five years, the company’s market share has grown from 10.45% to 11.11%.
  • The balance sheet reports net income growth at a rate of 23.83% per year, which is higher than the 19.8% industry average.
  • The company’s revenue has increased annually over the last five years at a rate of 21.74% as opposed to the industry average of 19.13%.

PI Industries

PI Industries

In 2023, PI Industries is one of the best Pesticide Companies in India, a major player in the agricultural sector, and will still be in the forefront as the second-largest pesticide companies in India, with its headquarters located in Udaipur. This company was established in 1947 and has a fascinating history spanning more than 70 years. It started out as a modest plant that produced chlorpyrifos, a common insecticide.  When used improperly, chlorpyrifos can be extremely toxic to humans and animals, including livestock, despite being effective against a variety of agricultural pests.

Notable Products & Applicable Crop Type: Among their flagship products are Nomix Enrich pesticides, which are especially noteworthy, along with Nominee Gold, Keefun, Biovita X, Foratox, Osheen, Melsa, Vibrant, and Carina. It works well on a range of crops, including wheat, corn, and soybeans.

Application Guidelines: Nomix Enrich is simple to handle, though safety measures are advised. Usually sprayed on as a foliar spray to guarantee uniform coverage.

UPL Limited

UPL Limited

In 2023, UPL Limited—which has its headquarters in Mumbai, India—will be the leading pesticide companies in India and a leader in the global agricultural sector. The company was founded in 1969 and has had an amazing evolution over the years. It started out as a tiny regional business and has developed into a world authority on plant nutrition and crop protection.

Notable Products: UPL’s vision of sustainable agriculture has been instrumentally advanced by its current CEO, Jai Shroff.  Among the noteworthy pesticides this Top Pesticides Company in India has created are Biosafe® (biofungicide), Herbicides, Insecticides, Biosolutions, and so forth.

Application Guidelines: Applying Biosafe® is easy; it’s usually done as a soil drench or foliar spray.

BASF India Ltd

BASF India Ltd

Founded in 1865, BASF India Ltd. is the leading pesticide companies in India and a subsidiary of the multinational chemical giant BASF. Its headquarters are located in Mumbai, India. As the Managing Director of BASF India Ltd., Mr. Narayanan Venkatesh is at the forefront of sustainable agriculture.

Notable Products and Crop Type: “Adexar,” a well-known fungicide that has shown to be extremely effective in treating diseases in crops like wheat and barley, is part of BASF’s pesticide portfolio.

Application Guidelines: Adexar is usually applied by foliar spraying, which makes it simple for farmers to use. Sustainability of the environment is given priority in its formulation.

Best Pesticide Companies in India (2023)

Stock Name Market Cap (Rs. in cr.) Close Price (Rs.) Net Income (Rs. in cr.) Return on Equity (%) Debt to Equity (%)

Bayer Cropscience Ltd

23,651.90 5,262.75 758.20 28.96 2.71

Coromandel International Ltd

33,415.14 1,124.25 2,012.93 28.22 4.96
Dhanuka Agritech Ltd 4,119.37 912.15 233.50 23.10 3.16
India Pesticides Ltd 3,300.01 286.55 143.24 20.30 1.65
Bhagiradha Chemicals and Industries Ltd 1,572.89 1,518.10 45.16 17.95 16.03
Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilisers & Chemicals Ltd 10,772.85 693.15 1,471.54 17.22 0.02
Bharat Rasayan Ltd 3,781.46 9,060.50 124.60 14.98 3.13
Heranba Industries Ltd 1,411.68 351.30 104.37 13.69 11.48
Gujarat State Fertilisers and Chemicals Ltd 7,264.25 182.30 1,265.88 10.63 0.02

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