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Ashish Kacholia Portfolio 2024: Shareholdings and Net Worth

Ashish Kacholia Portfolio

In this article, we will delve into Ashish Kacholia Portfolio 2024 & his investment strategies. In the Indian investment community, few names are as well-known as Ashish Kacholia’s. Kacholia’s exceptional ability to uncover hidden gems in the stock market has earned her a reputation as a visionary investor. 

Who is Ashish Kacholia?

Ashish Kacholia, a well-known Indian investor and fund manager, was raised in Mumbai, India. He knows a great deal about small and mid-cap enterprises. His exceptional investment techniques eventually led to his being dubbed the “Big Whale”. After working at Edelweiss and Prime Securities, Kacholia founded Lucky Securities in 1995. He started assembling his portfolio in 2003 and made early investments in businesses like Mayur Uniquoters, Eicher Motors, and Atul Auto which produced significant profits. His beliefs on investing are based on finding companies that have space to grow, competitive advantages, and solid foundations. This approach has resulted in a varied Ashish Kacholia Portfolio 2024 dispersed among many industries.

List of Stocks in Ashish Kacholia’s Latest Portfolio

S.No. Stock Name Holding Value (in ₹) Shares Held
1 ADF Foods Ltd 21.9 Cr 2,27,605
2 Aditya Vision Ltd 20.9 Cr 1,33,053
3 Ador Welding Ltd 69.5 Cr 5,95,400
4 Agarwal Industrial Corporation Ltd 35.3 Cr 5,72,128
5 Ami Organics Ltd 98.5 Cr 7,76,474
6 Arvind Fashions Ltd 49.3 Cr 14,56,054
7 Barbeque-Nation Hospitality Ltd 37.9 Cr 5,57,510
8 Best Agrolife Ltd 55.4 Cr 5,32,526
9 Beta Drugs Ltd 42.8 Cr 5,56,000
10 Bharat Bijlee Ltd 30.9 Cr 1,01,350
11 Carysil Ltd 65.2 Cr 10,00,000
12 Creative Newtech Ltd 16.7 Cr 3,40,101
13 D-Link (India) Ltd 18.8 Cr 7,50,000
14 DU Digital Global Ltd 5.5 Cr 7,20,000
15 Faze Three Ltd 51.8 Cr 12,71,382
16 Fineotex Chemical Ltd 92.8 Cr 31,24,072
17 Garware Hi-Tech Films Ltd 79.9 Cr 9,68,322
18 Genesys International Corporation Ltd 19.9 Cr 6,18,734
19 Goldiam International Ltd 14.4 Cr 11,02,527
20 Gravita India Ltd 93.3 Cr 14,84,399
21 HLE Glascoat Ltd 63.0 Cr 9,58,010
22 Inflame Appliances Ltd 15.3 Cr 3,08,000
23 IOL Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd 30.6 Cr 2,70,000
24 Kwality Pharmaceuticals Ltd 73.6 Cr 17,67,433
25 La Opala R G Ltd 20.7 Cr 7,94,000
26 Mastek Ltd 3.5 Cr 1,12,968
27 Mold-Tek Packaging Ltd 25.9 Cr 30,00,000
28 Paushak Ltd 112.0 Cr 70,84,990
29 Raghav Productivity Enhancers Ltd 21.02 Cr 2,31,683
30 Repro India Ltd 26.6 Cr 4,60,528
31 Safari Industries (India) Ltd 161.6 Cr 5,48,000
32 Sastasundar Ventures Ltd 16.9 Cr 5,98,900
33 Shaily Engineering Plastics Ltd 98.5 Cr 5,99,696
34 Shankara Building Products Ltd 32.6 Cr 4,51,140
35 SJS Enterprises Ltd 76.8 Cr 13,48,374
36 Stove Kraft Ltd 25.8 Cr 5,74,916
37 TARC Ltd 42.2 Cr 45,44,917
38 United Drilling Tools Ltd 25.8 Cr 5,74,916
39 Vaibhav Global Ltd 42.2 Cr 45,44,917
40 Virtuoso Optoelectronics Ltd 24.4 Cr 12,28,070
41 Xpro India Ltd 68.7 Cr 7,88,550
42 Yasho Industries Ltd 77.4 Cr 4,55,394

Investment Strategy of Ashish Kacholia’s Portfolio

Ashish Kacholia’s investment approach stands out for its meticulous search for inexpensive companies with substantial growth potential. He follows the value theory while making investments, something he learned from renowned investor Warren Buffett. Key components of his financial strategy include:

  • Concentrate on Undervalued Companies: Using in-depth investigation and analysis, find undervalued businesses with significant growth potential.
  • Prioritizing on Competitive Advantages: Appreciating businesses that have distinct technological advantages or well-known brands.
  • Importance of Quality Management:  recognizing the critical role that management plays in a company’s success and assessing their skill and performance history.
  • Perspective on Long-Term Investments: Taking a long-term approach to investing by putting more emphasis on the growth potential and fundamentals of a company than on cyclical changes in the market.

Ashish Kacholia’s Multibagger Stocks

Ashish Kacholia has a well-known skill for spotting multi-bagger stocks. Several noteworthy multibagger equities within his Ashish Kacholia Portfolio 2024 consist of:

  • Balu Forge Industries: A forging business with a 127% return that benefits from rising demand in the building and automotive sectors.
  • DU Digital Global: A top digital marketing firm that has seen rapid expansion and a 120% return over the past year.
  • Hindware Home Innovation: An 80% return since last year, an improvement company riding the wave of demand for home makeovers.
  • Goldiam International: A jewelry store that has had a 60% return over the past year and significant sales growth.
  • Raghav Productivity Enhancers: A productivity software provider that has seen growth in demand for its offerings over the past year and has seen a return of more than 40%.
  • Knowledge Marine & Engineering Works:  A marine engineering business with a 20%+ return is gaining from the growing demand for shipbuilding and ship repair services.
  • D-link India:  An Indian networking equipment company has experienced significant growth, yielding a return of more than 60%.
  • Venus Pipes and Tubes: A producer of pipes and tubes that supplies the infrastructure sector’s high demand while yielding a 140% return on investment—nearly 1.5 times the initial investment.
  • Gravita India: More than 25% of Ashish Kacholia’s portfolio comes from this environmentally friendly packaging firm.

Ashish Kacholia’s Sector-Wise Investment

The Ashish Kacholia Portfolio 2024 has holdings across several sectors. His investments are broken down into the following sectors:

  • Hospitality: Investing in chains of restaurants, hotels, and resorts to capitalize on the expanding potential of the tourism sector and the growing demand for superior hospitality services in India.
  • Education: Donations made financially to the field of education, with a focus on career training, skill development, and technology.
  • Infrastructure: Financial investments in businesses involved in infrastructure, such as building, real estate, utilities, and transportation, that support government efforts to upgrade the physical infrastructure.
  • Manufacturing: Financial investments in businesses that produce consumer products, vehicles, chemicals, and engineering.

Stocks Added to Ashish Kacholia Portfolio 2024

Ashish Kacholia has increased his ownership stake in many companies throughout the last 12 months. Some of the notable items in Ashish Kacholia Portfolio 2024 are:

  • Virtuoso Optoelectronics Ltd: An optical component manufacturer with a range of applications, including defense, medical, and telecommunication.
  • DU Digital Global Ltd: A company offering PPC, SEO, and social media marketing services, among other digital marketing offerings.
  • Inflame Appliances Ltd: one of the top producers of kitchen appliances.
  • Garware Hi-Tech Films Ltd: A producer of specialty films for the solar, electronics, and vehicle sectors.
  • Aditya Vision Ltd: An optical lens manufacturer.
  • Knowledge Marine & Engineering Works Ltd: A marine engineering firm offering services like offshore construction and ship repair and maintenance.
  • Fineotex Chemical Ltd: A producer of specialty chemicals for use in plastics, textiles, and pharmaceuticals.

Stocks Downsized in Ashish Kacholia Portfolio 2024

Ashish Kacholia decreased his ownership in a number of the firms in his portfolio. Among the notable decreases are:

  • Safari Industries Ltd: A top travel accessory and luggage manufacturer in India.
  • Xpro India: A multifaceted business that produces industrial goods.
  • Raghav Productivity Enhancers Ltd: Performance-oriented specialty chemicals manufacturer and distributor of improving substances.
  • Genesys International Corporation Ltd:  A geospatial technology company specializing in mapping, surveying, and spatial data solutions.
  • Stove Kraft Ltd:  A manufacturer of kitchen appliances known for its “Pigeon” brand trademark.

Ashish Kacholia Net Worth

According to company filings, Ashish Kacholia’s net worth from stock investments was around INR 2,776.85 crore for the quarter that ended in December 2023. This net worth varies due to fluctuations in stock prices. As of the time this article was published, Ashish Kacholia’s net worth in the stock market was mostly distributed across 45 stocks, with an average ownership of INR 61.71 crore.

Learnings From Ashish Kacholia’s Portfolio

A look into Ashish Kacholia’s portfolio can teach investors a lot:

  • Emphasis on Undervalued firms: Stress the importance of finding firms that are undervalued yet have significant room for development.
  • Stress Competitive Advantages: Acknowledge the significance of businesses that possess a competitive edge.
  • Importance of Quality Management: Assess a company’s management team’s proficiency and performance history.
  • Long-Term Investment Perspective: Take into account focusing on growth prospects and fundamentals in your long-term investment strategy.


Ashish Kacholia Portfolio 2024 offers insightful analysis and highlights the significance of perseverance, self-control, and a deep comprehension of a company’s fundamentals for profitable investment.

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