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Best Hedge Funds in India to Invest (2023)

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A hedge fund is a restricted partnership or private venture with only a few chosen investors. In India, a hedge fund manager oversees these kinds of mutual funds. Hedge funds, which were first used in the 1950s, can also be used to describe unregistered investment pools such as commodity pools, venture capital funds, and private equity funds. ETFs and mutual funds are not subject to SEC regulation, but larger hedge funds are. As part of the SEBI Alternative Investment Funds Regulations, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) established the hedge funds list in 2012. Here’s a list of the best Hedge Funds In India you can consider investing in 2023.

How Do Hedge Funds Work?

“Rich man’s mutual funds” is another term for Indian hedge funds. The variety of assets and securities that Indian hedge fund businesses engage in necessitates the usage of various trading strategies.

In addition to investing in (and/or shorting) publicly traded equities, hedge funds can also profit from unconventional assets including fine art, real estate, cryptocurrency, fine art, and even patents.

Derivatives include things like futures and options (F&O). These can be purchased straight from the business or exchanged on the stock market. Futures, for example, confer either an obligation or a right to purchase or sell an underlying stock at a fixed price, date, and time. However, options offer comparable trading opportunities without requiring a commitment. Diversification of trading strategies is introduced by investing in these securities.

In other words, a lot of hedge funds “hedge” their bets by taking opposing positions in order to reduce risk. Buying put options, selling short, or making purchases that have the potential to outperform the market at various points in time.

As a result, if the value of the assets they own decreases, they can somewhat limit their losses.

What are the Key Characteristics of Hedge Funds?

These are some of the attributes of top Hedge Funds In India.

  • Qualification: Generally, only qualified investors who satisfy specific minimum income or net worth requirements are eligible. To establish a hedge fund, you need at least Rs. 20 crore in pooled capital. This is a result of their reputation as hazardous investments. Authorities seek to guarantee that investors possess the monetary means to endure possible losses.
  • High Fees: High management and performance fees are common charges made by hedge fund companies. Usually, management costs represent a portion of the fund’s assets. On the other hand, performance fees are normally expressed as a percentage of fund returns.
  • Lock-in Period: this usually includes a lock-in period where investors are unable to take their hedge funds out. This lock-in period may last anything from a few months to a few years.
  • Strategy: Employ a range of investment techniques, but their common objective is to produce large returns. Event-driven, macro, and long/short equities are common hedge fund strategies.

Benefits of Investing in Hedge Funds

  • The goal of hedge funds is to balance the interests of fund managers and investors. The fund manager is encouraged to produce high returns via the high watermark clause. 
  • These funds’ mandate is the only restriction on the variety of asset classes they cover. This makes it possible for fund managers to use intricate diversification plans.
  • Investors benefit from individualized services and a completely customized portfolio.
  • These investments typically yield returns that are unaffected by the market index. They are therefore less vulnerable to changes in the market. This lowers the volatility of the entire portfolio. 
  • These funds use short-term trading techniques to profit from securities’ mispricing.

What are the Types of Hedge Funds?

The three main hedge fund types are: 

  • Offshore: situated in nations with less favorable tax policies. so that any investor in hedge funds, wherever in the world they may be, can access them.
  • Domestic: Restricted to investors who abide by tax laws in the same nation as the fund’s location.
  • Fund of Funds: functions similarly to a mutual fund and allocates capital to a variety of hedge funds in a diversified portfolio.

What are the Different Strategies of Hedge Fund Investing?

Hedge fund managers and hedge fund companies in India employ the following top hedge investing strategies:

  • Long or Short Equity: Taking both long and short positions in individual stocks is how a short or long equity hedge fund strategy aims to make money.
  • Global Macro: Macroeconomic elements are used in the global macro strategy. to invest in a variety of assets, including interest rates and currency exchange rates.
  • Event-driven: Investments are made in businesses that are going through important business transitions like bankruptcy, mergers, and acquisitions.
  • Quantitative: In order to find investment opportunities, this strategy makes use of mathematical models and algorithms.

Best Hedge Funds In India in 2023 

  1. Blackrock Advisors: As of January 2022, BlackRock Advisors, LLC possessed an AUM of $10 trillion, making it the largest asset manager globally. In publicly traded corporations, it makes investments. Additionally, this fund company manages a special India Fund that has made investments in numerous Bengaluru-based start-ups. Investment advice services, financial planning, and portfolio management are provided by the organization.
  2. Citadel LLC: Citadel LLC is an American multinational hedge fund and financial services company with an AUM of US $50 billion as of May 2022.  Its investment strategy is to invest in equities,  fixed income, commodities, quantitative strategies, and credit. Risk management, financial planning, investment advising services, and portfolio construction are all provided by the company. Clients are served globally by Citadel Advisors.    
  3. Bridgewater Associates: The American investment management company Bridgewater Associates provides services to foreign governments, central banks, endowments, pension funds, and foundations, among other institutional clients. The firm’s AUM is $235.5 billion as of March 2022. The company uses a worldwide macro investment approach that takes into account economic trends including inflation, exchange rates, and the GDP of the United States.
  4. AQR Capital Management: Global investment management company AQR Capital Management (Applied Quantitative Research) is situated in Greenwich, Connecticut, in the United States. The firm’s AUM is $145.5 billion as of March 2022. The company strongly believes in complementing current portfolios with low-correlated solutions and encouraging portfolio diversification within established asset classes.
  5. Man Group PLC: The London Stock Exchange lists Man Group PLC as a trading entity for investment management services. The company’s AUM was $151.4 billion as of March 2022. It’s the biggest hedge fund company in the world that is publicly traded. In excess of 800 markets globally, it trades more than 75 investment strategies across a wide range of asset classes, asset types, and investment methodologies.
  6. Renaissance Technologies: American hedge fund Renaissance Technologies LLC, or RenTech, focuses on systematic trading with quantitative models generated from statistical and mathematical analysis. The AUM is $121.8 billion as of March 2022. Using data from its petabyte-scale data warehouse, the staff of this fund company utilizes quantitative trading to determine the statistical likelihood that the values of assets will move in a given direction.

Final Word

Investment choices known as hedge funds are geared toward large institutions and high-net-worth individuals. They use a variety of intricate investing strategies, such as arbitrage and hedging, to meet their financial objectives. The top Hedge Funds In India actively pursue large returns while minimizing market risks. In contrast to hedge funds, you can begin investing with as little as Rs. 1 crore. Starting costs as little as Rs. 10 are available!

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