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Blinkit Business Model: Your Delivery, Your Way (2024)

Blinkit Business Model

Blinkit has disrupted the local delivery market at a time when speed and convenience are critical. The Blinkit Business Model strategy is changing how products are delivered and moved throughout neighborhoods, meeting the increasing need for prompt and effective delivery services. We’ll examine the Blinkit business model in this article.

All about the Blinkit Business Model

In December 2013, Saurabh Kumar and Albinder Dhindsa established Blinkit, an online retailer that delivers products right to customers’ doorsteps. Gurugram-based Blinkit has transformed the shopping experience. 

Blinkit Business Model, to put it briefly, is an online marketplace that makes everyday shopping easier than it used to be. It enables customers to order quickly from their preferred neighborhood stores. 

A few taps can be used to buy groceries, fruits and vegetables, baked goods, flowers, meats, pet supplies, baby supplies, and cosmetics.

How Does Blinkit Make Money?

  • Commissions On Orders: A commission is imposed by Blinkit on each order placed via its platform. The category of goods being purchased determines the commission rate. For instance, compared to electronics, groceries usually have a lower commission rate.
  • Delivery Fees: There is a delivery fee associated with every order placed on Blinkit’s platform. Usually, the delivery charge is between Rs. 20 and Rs. 30. Nonetheless, Blinkit provides a range of specials and discounts that can lower or even waive the delivery charge.
  • Subscription Fees: Blinkit Prime is a paid subscription service provided by Blinkit. For all orders over INR 4000, delivery is free for Blinkit Prime members. Additional advantages of Blinkit Prime include discounts on specific products and early access to new releases.
  • Advertising: On its platform, Blinkit business model offers advertising space for sale. On Blinkit’s website, app, and delivery vehicles, advertisers can place advertisements.
  • Partnerships: Blinkit business model offers discounts and promotions to its customers by forming partnerships with other businesses. For instance, Blinkit and Amazon Prime have partnered to provide free delivery for Blinkit customers on orders over $50 on Amazon.

Blinkit Logistics- Blinkit Business Model

  • Speed: Orders are delivered in less than ten minutes by Blinkit Logistics. This is made feasible by Blinkit’s network of micro-warehouses and dark stores that are close to consumer demand.
  • Efficiency: Blinkit Logistics lessens its environmental effect by operating an electric car fleet.
  • Convenience: Customers find it simple to shop for groceries and other necessities with Blinkit Logistics. Clients can place orders via the Blinkit app or online, and their orders will be delivered in a matter of minutes to their homes.
  • Reliability: For businesses, Blinkit Logistics is a trustworthy partner. In addition to helping businesses reach a larger audience, Blinkit can deliver orders quickly and effectively.

UDAAN Business Model

The Main Elements of the Blinkit Business Model

  • The Inventory: To counter the inconsistent service provided by the neighborhood retailers, Blinkit has now decided to handle its own procurement and storage needs. As a result, Blinkit currently purchases goods from several local companies and brands and keeps them in its stock. Blinkit has integrated appropriate QR Code monitoring for products.
  • Users: The target market for Blinkit has changed as a result of the modifications made to its business plan. These days, Blinkit concentrates on the middle-class and lower-middle-class demographics. The demographic of Blinkit has also changed as a result of the model’s modification; women are now more involved. Nonetheless, women spend more money on delivery orders than men do, indicating that they are still wary of using online delivery services.
  • Delivery Personnel: Delivery personnel are crucial to Blinkit’s business model because they complete the task of delivering orders in less than ten minutes. With the new business model, Blinkit employees’ delivery process has undergone some modification. Blinkit operates using a marketplace model. The Hyper-Local on-demand logistics system is one name for it. 

The goal of this new Blinkit business strategy is to reduce the need for consumers to travel to nearby stores to make purchases. It aims to encourage people to receive orders at home without ever leaving the house. Although Blinkit does not own warehouses, it has teamed up with neighborhood grocers to send its delivery personnel to pick up the items that customers have ordered from these establishments.  Orders can be placed with Blinkit via their website or mobile app. Because of this partnership with Blinkit, local grocery stores receive more orders and revenue. 

Success Secrets of Blinkit Business Model

  • A Strong Focus On Speed: Blinkit’s primary principle is speed. The company has made significant investments in technology and logistics to enable it to deliver orders in less than ten minutes.
  • A Wide Selection Of Products: Blinkit provides a large range of goods, such as food, snacks, drinks, and personal hygiene products. Customers can now get everything they need in one place thanks to this.
  • Convenient Ordering And Delivery Options: Blinkit provides a range of ordering and delivery choices, such as voice, in-app, and online ordering. Customers now find it simple to obtain the products they require at the appropriate time.
  • Affordable Prices: Blinkit charges reasonable prices for its goods. Customers will find it more cost-effective than traditional grocery stores as a result.
  • A Strong Marketing Campaign: Blinkit has made significant marketing investments to increase brand and service awareness. This has aided in drawing in a sizable clientele for the business. Blinkit is a solid business model with a well-managed organization. The business is in a strong position to expand over the next few years.

FAQ for Blinkit Business Model

Q1. Is there a mobile app for Blinkit?

Yes, Blinkit offers a mobile app for easy ordering and delivery tracking.

Q2. How does Blinkit manage problems and customer service?

Through its website or app, Blinkit offers customer service to quickly resolve questions, grievances, and problems.

Q3. Does Blinkit offer membership or subscription options?

Depending on the area, Blinkit might provide subscription plans with advantages like discounted delivery costs and special offers.

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