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How to Start SIP in Zerodha? (2023): Invest Wisely


How to Start SIP in Zerodha, It’s likely that if you’re considering investing in the stock market, you’ve heard of Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs). These are a well-liked and generally low-risk approach to getting into investing, and you can begin your SIP journey with Zerodha, an Indian brokerage platform. We’ll give you a thorough explanation of how to start SIP in Zerodha in this post. Best feature? We’ll make sure it’s clear and devoid of any jargon or technicalities so that even the most inexperienced person can understand it and confidently begin their SIP investing journey.

What is SIP?

An investment plan called a Systematic Investment Plan, or SIP, allows users to make fixed-amount investments at regular intervals. The best part is that the user can select the amount to be invested, different plans, dates for installments, tenure based on availability, and a host of other options.

The Advantages of SIP

One advantage of SIP is that it allows you to balance your investment, which is beneficial, particularly in a volatile market. You can exercise complete control over the SIP that you have selected. The SIP is editable at any time. Beginners will find it convenient as it is less risky than investing in equity and they can invest in a set of stocks chosen by a certified advisor without having to learn much about the fundamentals of the company. 

How to Start SIP in Zerodha?

  • Enter your login ID and password to access the Zerodha Kite app.

  • Select “SIP” from the “Orders/tools” tab.

  • Select the link labeled “Create new SIP.”

  • You must first create a “Basket” in order to set up the SIP.

  • Choose a name for your new basket after clicking on Create New Basket.
  • Locate the stock name that you wish to configure the SIP for.

  • Choose the stock and enter the desired purchase amount.

  • The “Monthly schedule” tab will now appear on the screen.

  • Select the day and time that your SIP will run.
  • Up to five schedules can be combined into one basket.

How to Create a Basket in the Kite app?

  • Use the Kite app to log in.
  • From the bottom panel, select the “Tools” tab.
  • Select “Basket.”
  • On the button next to the search bar, select “+New basket.”
  • Select a name.
  • Fill the basket with up to twenty stocks.
  • Stocks can be added or removed from the basket at any moment. The basket can also be removed at any moment.

How to edit a Stock SIP?

  • Visit the Kite App now.
  • From the bottom panel, select the “Tools” tab.
  • Select “SIP”
  • Choose the SIP that you wish to edit.
  • The resume is editable, deleteable, and pauseable.
  • Once you pause it, no more money will be taken out until you start it up again.
  • To make any changes to the data, time, basket, etc., click edit.

SIP Mutual Fund

  • To access the coin platform, log in to Zerodha using your client ID.
  • Enter the name of the fund and the fund house in the search bar at the top of the home page.
  • Click the fund page’s direct SIP option.
  • Enter the investment information in a new window, making sure to include the initial investment, frequency, installment amount, and total number of installments.
  • Once all the information has been entered, click “Start SIP” and “Confirm.”

SIP Charges

There are no fees associated with investing in SIP with Zerodha. As a result, compared to other available platforms, one can save up to 1.5% annually of their fund by investing in Zerodha SIP.

SIP Calculator

The greatest and most practical method for investors to determine their return on mutual fund investment is provided by Zerodha Coin. While there aren’t any additional fees associated with beginning an investment with Zerodha, you can find out all the information you need to know by using the brokerage calculator.

SIP in the Coin app by Zerodha

You can use the Zerodha coin app to access a free mutual fund platform. With this app, investing in any mutual fund that is available is simple. Any SIP can be created, paused, and modified whenever it’s convenient for you. Let’s go over the procedures for setting up SIP in the Coin app:

  • Choose the mutual fund that you want to use.
  • Choose the Salary.
  • Press the “SIP” button.
  • Add the necessary money.
  • Verify the “AMC SIP” option.
  • Modify the amount of the installment.
  • Decide on the date of installment.
  • Continue with “Create AMC SIP.”

FAQ on How to Start SIP in Zerodha

Q1. How is the Stock SIP paid for?

The sum will be taken out of the balance in the Zerodha Wallet. To learn more about e-mandate, please visit Zerodha’s official website. The company also offers automatic investment for SIP.

Q2. What happens if I can’t afford to pay an installment?

Your SIP is pauseable at any time, and it can be restarted whenever you’re ready to make another investment.

Q3. Can I choose the stocks I want to buy in SIP?

You can make your own basket in Stock SIP and begin with a SIP investment.


How to Start SIP in Zerodha, The process of initiating a SIP on Zerodha is simple and offers novice investors in the financial markets a convenient place to start. It’s easy to get started with investing if you follow the steps this article outlines.

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