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Is INDmoney Safe? Safeguarding Your Financial Future (2024)

INDmoney safe

Indian investors can buy US stocks from their home nation without paying a commission by using the software INDmoney. Using this application, you can invest in Microsoft, Google, and other well-known companies that are listed on the US stock market. If you’re interested in investing in these companies, read our INDmoney to find out more about a trustworthy platform. since you may handle a wide range of investments with it, such as bonds, mutual funds, FDs, and much more. This article provides a thorough study of this investment application, covering its features, & knowing if it Is INDmoney safe or not, KYC requirements, benefits, drawbacks, and more.

Features– INDmoney Safe or not

  1. US Stock Investment: One of the main features of this investment program is the ability to invest in US stocks. Consequently, there isn’t a commission charge. Additionally, you can buy stock that is listed on the Dow Jones, S&P 500, and NASDAQ. You can invest in fractional shares with the dashboard for as little as $1, and you can receive daily and monthly portfolio analysis.
  2. Mutual Fund Invest: You can also invest in and redeem mutual functions with INDmoney. With just one click, you can conduct investments in mutual funds thanks to this feature. Mutual fund details can be automatically imported from banks, brokers, and apps like Groww and Zerodha. For a convenient experience, you can combine statements from many mutual fund accounts into one statement. This investment facility also has a commission rate of $0.
  3. FD Facility: With the INDmoney app, users may open FD accounts with a variety of banks and NBFCs. In this instance, there are no fees or commissions that are applicable. Furthermore, our platform offers the best interest rate on FDs compared to other banks. When it comes to technological challenges, this program for credit and risk analysis operates brilliantly.
  4. Monitoring Progress: This program makes it simple to keep track of your assets and financial activity. You can keep an eye on all of your investment plans in one location if you have multiple ones. It can get portfolio information from reputable brokers like Upstox and Zerodha, among others. Here, you can additionally profit from this application’s stock advising features. To manage and keep an eye on your NPS, EPF, and other investments, it provides an intuitive function.
  5. Rewards Feature: When you recommend our platform to your friends, you will also receive prizes. Additionally, you can receive free US stocks when you use credit cards to make purchases from US-based businesses. It also permits receiving cryptocurrency as payment for profitable ventures.
  6. Premium Feature: Additionally, the app has premium features, some of which are listed below:
    • Customized financial advisory services are available.
    • It offers data-point-based AI services for making financial decisions.
    • Tax planning services with premium features are also pay-for.
    • Your portfolio’s risk is managed as part of the premium feature.
    • I have a robot adviser that sets up asset allocation and investing goals automatically.
    • These are a few of the premium features available in this software; most of them are, however, paid for.

How to Login to INDmoney?

Installing the INDmoney app is a prerequisite for using it to invest in US stocks. You can select from any of the apps in the Google Play and App Stores, depending on your device. You will be required to enter your phone number and use an OTP verification when you install and launch it.

You can now enter your email address, first and last name, and other required information to create and set up your INDmoney profile. This website allows you to open an account for free and is secure to use. To run this program, you will need to use the screen lock that will be there. A wide range of investment options, including US stocks, mutual funds, EPFs, NPS, cryptocurrencies, and FDs, are shown on the dashboard.

KYC Details– INDmoney Safe or not

Completing the KYC process is a prerequisite for starting to invest in US stocks. It’s quite easy to invest in US stocks by clicking on them and accepting the terms and conditions. Once you have, you will need to provide your PAN and UID numbers to authenticate your address details and profile. You can also upload a picture that you took with a selfie stick. After that, to input a captcha or shown number, you’ll be required to upload a video that you’ve filmed. Now that you wish to use the bank for investments, add its details.

Send in all of these details, then watch for verification over the next 48 hours. Your IND Super saving account will activate following verification, and you will be able to access your virtual account that was created in the United States. By taking this step, you can begin investing in the stock that best suits your needs and increase your wealth. Use IMPS, RTGS, or NEFT to transfer money to your INDmoney savings account. Additionally, there are no fees for converting Rupees to Dollars or for sending money.

Invest in US Stock– INDmoney Safe or not

Using INDmoney to invest in US stocks is simple; to learn more, just follow the steps outlined below.

  • Use the “add money” option if you haven’t added any further funds to invest.
  • Select the bank and the most convenient payment option to fund your IND Super savings account.
  • Certain bank accounts may also require you to pay conversion fees.
  • It takes four to five days for money transfers to appear on the dashboard.
  • You can invest the transferred funds in particular US shares by using your dashboard.

Charges Details– INDmoney Safe or not

INDmoney usually costs nothing for services such as account opening, brokerage and commission, and investing in US stocks. Foreign exchange and mutual fund investments are also free of charge. However, there will be a $5 withdrawal charge for the duration of the withdrawal window. INDmoney also provides paid premium services. Depending on the plan you choose, the price ranges from Rs 399 to Rs 5999.

Benefits- INDmoney Safe or not

Buying US stocks is easy and just needs a single click.

  • It’s useful to be able to track and keep an eye on investments from one place.
  • With this arrangement, investments in mutual funds, US equities, and FDs are all free.
  • The user’s data is easily accessible and secure for usage by novice investors.
  • Two features combined into one account are a zero-cost SB account and a US trading account.
  • Bishop Fox, a Google Partner, looks into its data security function.
  • Net worth and a family portfolio analysis system are consolidated in one place.
  • Reaching certain requirements can result in the potential to win some incredible incentives.
  • The accessible investment advisors are registered with SEBI.

Is Indmoney Safe or Not?

Email addresses and bank account information are among the many pieces of data that INDmoney collects to make trading in the different options easier. It makes sense to find out if it is Indmoney safe or not to invest as a result. Bishop Fox, a Google partner, looks into the application’s security. Still, if you want to invest in a new market and are prepared to accept the risk, you must have confidence in your application. It also opens an IND Super savings account with SBM, the State Bank of Mauritius, India, which has been approved by the RBI. Thus, it can be said that when a question arises in your mind it is Indmoney safe or not for investing.


This INDmoney went over the login process, KYC process, features, benefits, and drawbacks of INDmoney. We also covered some more jargon that an investor needs to know. This program is meant for investors who want to know if it is Indmoney safe or not to invest or to buy stock in US companies like Google and Microsoft. This application also provides a plethora of other easily navigable investing opportunities. However, when utilizing this program for investing goals, it’s a good idea to have digital advice and receipt confirmation for every transaction you finish.

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