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Stamp Duty in Delhi (2023): Know All Details

Stamp Duty

The Registration Act of 1908 mandates that stamp duty be paid at the time of property registration by the buyer. registration costs and Stamp duty in Delhi are due at the time the property is registered for home buyers, in the capital city of the country. Stamp duty is a tax or levy levied by the state government of Delhi on real estate transactions, while the registration charge is the price paid to the government to register a property. Stamp duty in Delhi is required when you are registering a property.

Stamp Duty in Delhi Chart

The following stamp duty rates are typically in effect in Delhi.

Category Rates in Delhi Charges in NDMC areas Charges in Delhi Cantonment Board Area
Male 6 Percent 5.5 percent 3 percent
Female 4 Percent 3.5 percent 3 Percent
Joint Ownership 5 Percent 4.5 percent 3 Percent

Online Payment (Step-By-Step)

Once the stamp duty and registration fees have been computed, you can choose to pay them online. Here’s how to pay your stamp duty in Delhi online, with step-by-step instructions included.

  • To pay your online stamp duty in Delhi, visit the Stock Holding Corporation Ltd. official website at
  • From the list of states, select the NCT of Delhi option.
  • Proceed with the stamp duty payment online. Among the payment options are debit cards, credit cards, IMPS, NEFT, and UPI.
  • On the website of the stock holding company, there is also a list of sub-registrars and their contact details. You can also see the list of papers that need to be registered mandatory online. The list of papers that are optionally registrable is also displayed.

Ways To Pay

The buyer or purchaser must now visit, the website of SHCIL Stock Holding Company of India Ltd (SHCIL), and make the necessary payments there. Additionally, SHCIL maintains an authorization collection center known as the ACC that acts as a go-between for the buyer and SHCIL.

You have two options for paying your stamp duty if you work through an ACC: cash or one of the additional payment methods listed below.

  • Demand Draft
  • Cheque
  • Pay Order
  • RTGS– Real-Time Gross Settlement
  • NEFT- National Electronic Funds Transfer

Account to Account Transfer

After making the payment, the buyer can set up an appointment with the sub-registrar’s office to start the registration charge process by visiting

Factors Affecting Delhi’s Stamp Duty And Registration Fees

The Delhi state government determines the registration costs and stamp duty. The following factors affect the stamp duty rates in Delhi:

  • Location: In Delhi, the classification of the neighborhood affects the pricing of residential plot circles. One example is that Category A locations have a higher circle rate than Category B places. In comparison to the Category G area, the Category D area has a higher circle rate.
  • Property type: Commercial properties are subject to a higher stamp duty than residential properties for this reason.
  • Age of the Property: Older properties pay less in stamp duty than newer ones because they are in lower price ranges and stamp duty is based on the property’s value.


The buyer of the property is entitled to a return of 98% of the duty paid in the event that a sales deed is revoked. You must have the original cancellation deed and the original contract in addition to the registration refund application. You can get tax exemptions on the interest you pay on your home loans under Section 80C.

Apply For Refund Online

  • Not all real estate deals end in success, so you can get a full refund of the duty you paid when you signed the agreement. If you can only demonstrate that one of the previously listed circumstances truly occurred, you will be compensated.
  • Send all of your documentation (certified copies) and a written request to the appropriate Deputy Commissioners within 30 days of the cancellation.
  • Your allegation from the Deputy Commissioner will be heard by the State Government. They will choose whether to grant partial or full refunds (referred to as Orders) based on your previous purchases and their current policy.
  • From the time you obtain the order until you fulfill all the requirements, you have thirty days to turn over the property to the new owner.
  • Within 15 days of the return payment, money will appear in your bank account.

Paying Stamp Duty On Past Property: Documents Required

There is a list of documents that you must present in order to pay the duty and property registration fees in Delhi, even if it is a gift deed.

  • Sale deed.
  • Proof of TDS payment.
  • No-objection certificate (NOC), in case of plot or land.
  • ID verification for the seller, buyer, and witnesses.
  • Examine the buyer, seller, and witnesses’ proofs.
  • Two passport-sized pictures of the buyers and sellers are printed on two copies of the paperwork.
  • Proof of address and identity for two witnesses.
  • e-Stamp paper with the appropriate stamp duty amount.
  • a self-certified copy of your Form 60 or PAN card
  • e-Registration fee receipt together with an affidavit or undertaking.

Final Words

When registering a property in Delhi, stamp duty and registry fees are required costs. It is noteworthy that under Section 80C, stamp duty and property registration in Delhi are exempt from taxes, with a maximum deduction of ₹1.5 lakhs. For anyone wishing to purchase or sell real estate in Delhi, it is imperative to comprehend the stamp duty and registration fees.

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