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How to Open a Starbucks Franchise in India? (2024)

Starbucks Franchise in India

With its fragrant appeal and cozy warmth, coffee has ingrained itself into the daily lives of millions of people worldwide. Starbucks has made a name for itself and a special place in the hearts of coffee lovers in the busy streets of India, where many cultures come together. The story of Starbucks Franchise in India is not just one of coffee making, but also one of market adaptation to the country’s vibrant and dynamic environment.

What are the Starbucks Franchise in India Requirements?

  • Excellent client service.
  • Communication and leadership abilities.
  • experience and managerial abilities.
  • Positivity, quickness, and a solid grasp of business principles

What is Starbucks?

Starbucks is a well-known American chain of coffee shops with a global following. It is among the most well-known and adored coffee brands in the world. Three college students named Zev Siegl, Gordon Bowker, and Jerry Baldwin founded the business in Seattle, Washington, in 1971. With 35,711 locations across 80 countries as of November 2022, the company is the biggest chain of coffee shops worldwide.

Starbucks is renowned for its wide selection of tea and coffee drinks, which includes traditional options like lattes, cappuccinos, and espresso shots in addition to inventive creations like Frappuccinos and limited-edition drinks. Starbucks is a well-liked spot for breakfast and quick bites because it offers more than just coffee. It also has a wide selection of pastries, sandwiches, and snacks.

Starbucks stores are more than simply coffee shops. These are comfortable areas where people can relax, work, learn, or just hang out. The stores frequently have cozy seating, free Wi-Fi, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Starbucks now has thousands of locations across the globe and is well-known in many nations, including India. Its expansion and success are proof of its capacity to offer a distinctive coffee experience and cultivate a devoted clientele. The brand’s iconic green mermaid logo serves as a symbol of excellent coffee and a warm place where people can gather.

Who Owns Starbucks in India?

Starbucks and Tata, a well-known brand in India, are partners. Tata Starbucks first set up shop in India in October 2012, and as of right now, the nation is home to 136 locations.

In India, Starbucks is promoted by Tata Starbucks Private Limited, formerly known as Tata Starbucks Limited. It is a joint venture that is owned equally by Starbucks Corporation and Tata Consumer Products. Starbucks “A Tata Alliance” is the brand name on the locations.

What is the Cost of Starbucks Franchise in India? 

Regretfully, Starbucks no longer franchises its locations. Nonetheless, there might be some chances for possible licensing. A large number of Starbucks-licensed stores are found inside retail establishments, hotels, and airports. However, Starbucks corporate almost always owns the standalone locations and those found in urban areas.

Several variables can significantly affect the cost of opening a Starbucks store with a license. It covers the store’s location, size, and additional costs. The entire initial investment for a traditional Starbucks cafe in the United States can range from $228,620 to $2,888,700, according to a disclosure document filed by Starbucks in 2020. It comes out to be between Rs. 2 and Rs. 3 crores when converted to Indian Rupees.

How to Apply for Starbucks Franchise in India?

The Indian branch of the Starbucks company does not accept franchise applications. Nevertheless, you may attempt to get in touch with them using the information provided below.

Initially, we suggest that you go to one of the Starbucks franchise locations. merely to view the store’s location, hours of operation, etc. then submit a franchise application.

You can apply from the official website of Starbucks Franchise in India. Following the review and validation of your application, a representative from the company will get in touch with you to discuss the next steps. During the interview, company representatives typically ask you several questions concerning the location, your ability to invest, etc.

Benefits of Opening a Starbucks Franchise in India

  • The advantage of a proven business plan is yours. You can also apply for access to Starbucks’ extensive market research on coffee.
  • To tempt Indian tea drinkers, or “Chais,” they serve hot tea by Indian culture.
  • Starbucks differentiates itself from its rivals by providing a distinctive value proposition that positions it as the “third place” that customers go after their home and place of employment. 
  • The biggest coffee chain worldwide is called Starbucks.
  • According to their tagline, “Love your beverage or let us know,” Starbucks’ unique selling point is that every customer receives a premium coffee. We’re going to always fix it.”

FAQ of Starbucks Franchise in India

Q1. What is Starbucks’ background in India?

The first Starbucks location in India opened its doors in October 2012 at the Elphinstone Building in Horniman Circle, Mumbai, in partnership with Tata Coffee. A 50:50 joint venture coffee company, Tata Starbucks Private Limited was formerly known as Tata Starbucks Limited. Starbucks Corporation and Tata Consumer Products are the company’s owners. In India, they own and run Starbucks locations.

Q2. Can I start a Starbucks franchise in India?

In India, Starbucks uses a company-owned business model and does not provide franchise opportunities. Tata Starbucks Private Limited is the company that owns and runs every Starbucks location in India.

Q3. What is the approximate number of Starbucks franchise in India?

In several Indian cities, there are over 140 stores.

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