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Sunil Singhania Portfolio: Net Worth, Holdings (2024)

Sunil Singhania portfolio

You’ve probably heard about Sunil Singhania portfolio if you’ve been keeping an eye on the financial world. With good cause, it’s the talk of the town. Since its founding in September 2018, Abakkus Asset Managers has been stirring up trouble in the stock market, and Sunil Singhania portfolio has been at the center of this financial maelstrom. Surprisingly, Sunil Singhania portfolio reached a staggering ₹1,829.78 crore as of May 2022, indicating an extraordinary gain of approximately 8,105%. It makes sense why everyone is talking about it. What therefore is the key to Sunil Singhania’s extraordinary success?

Sunil Singhania: The Financial Maestro

An influential person in the Indian financial sector, Sunil Singhania is well-known for his proficiency in investment techniques and portfolio management. Singhania, raised in a middle-class household, was instrumental in the ascent of Reliance Mutual Fund to become one of the biggest asset management firms (AMCs) in India. Since the fund’s founding in 1995, he has been in charge and has guided its phenomenal 100-fold expansion. Singhania’s distinction as the first Indian to hold a position on the CFA Global Board of Governors attests to his qualifications as a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

Exploring Sunil Singhania Portfolio

The latest corporate shareholdings filings show that 26 shares in Sunil Singhania’s portfolio are publicly owned and have a combined net worth of around ₹2,451.3 crores. Below is a list of his assets in summary:

Sneak Peek into Sunil Singhania Portfolio 2024

Company Name Holding Value (in ₹) Quantity Held June 2023 Change in %
ADF Foods Ltd 37.0 Cr 337,287 0.00%
AGI Greenpac Ltd 77.5 Cr 1,125,884 -0.10%
Carysil Ltd. 100.6 Cr 1,570,492 -0.20%
CMS Info Systems Ltd. 58.5 Cr 16,11,678 0%
DCM Shriram Industries Ltd. 35.1 Cr 25,90,000 0%
Dreamfolks Services Ltd 50.1 Cr 9,50,000 0%
Dynamatic Technologies Ltd 76.8 Cr 1,97,728 0.10%
Ethos Ltd 48.8 Cr 3,02,663 0%
HG Infra Engineering Ltd (Part IX) 92.2 Cr 9,58,187 -0.10%
HIL Ltd 73.6 Cr 2,42,000 0.10%
Hindware Home Innovation Ltd 179.0 Cr 35,38,341 0%
IIFL Securities Ltd 69.2 Cr 99,10,323 0%
Ion Exchange (India) Ltd 246.5 Cr 48,00,000 0%
J Kumar Infraprojects Ltd 79.9 Cr 20,05,000 0%
Jubilant Pharmova Ltd 87.6 Cr 19,12,681 0%
Mastek Ltd 213.0 Cr 9,86,689 0%
PSP Projects Ltd 43.6 Cr 5,45,000 0%
Rajshree Polypack Ltd 10.9 Cr 7,12,864 -1.30%
Route Mobile Ltd 247.2 Cr 16,12,457 0%
Rupa & Company Ltd 85.5 Cr 32,85,000 0%
Sarda Energy & Minerals Ltd 14.7 Cr 7,72,026 0%
Siyaram Silk Mills Ltd 47.4 Cr 9,03,044 -0.20%
Stylam Industries Ltd 68.2 Cr 4,23,790 0%
Technocraft Industries (India) Ltd 123.9 Cr 6,47,796 -0.40%
The Anup Engineering Ltd 81.4 Cr 3,79,012 -0.20%
Uniparts India Ltd 58.5 Cr 10,13,770 0%

This table presents a summary of Sunil Singhania portfolio holdings as of June 2023. It also contains details about the companies held, holding values stated in crore rupees, quantity held, and holding change percentage.

Sunil Singhania’s Notable Holdings

The focus that Sunil Singhania places on long-term value investing is a fundamental aspect of his investing strategy. Sunil Singhania’s portfolio includes notable investments from a variety of businesses and sectors. These are Sunil Singhania’s top 7 choices:

Company Name / Shares Held / Value (in Cr)

  • Ion Exchange (India) Ltd / 4,800,000 / ₹246.5
  • Route Mobile Ltd / 1,612,457 / ₹247.2
  • Hindware Home & Innovation Ltd / 3,538,341 / ₹179.0
  • Mastek Ltd / 986,689 / ₹213.0
  • Carysil Ltd / 1,570,492 / ₹100.6
  • Technocraft Industries (India) Ltd / 647,796 / ₹123.9
  • Sarda Energy & Minerals Ltd / 772,026 / ₹14.7

The Sectors in Sunil Singhania’s Crosshairs

Sunil Singhania’s investment approach is based on long-term value investing. He looks for reputable businesses with solid foundations and holds onto them over long periods to optimize their inherent worth. Below is an industry-by-industry breakdown of his investments:

  • Metals & Mining: This industry, which is impacted by economic conditions and commodity prices, is tied to the global economic cycle and is crucial for the development of industry and infrastructure.
  • Software & Services: This industry, which includes software development, IT services, and cloud computing, has been growing quickly due to the growing use of technology.
  • Cement and Construction: This industry, which is related to construction and real estate, benefits greatly from urbanization and the growth of infrastructure.
  • Consumer Durables: This sector, which deals with non-perishable goods like appliances and electronics, is fueled by consumer spending and innovation.

Learning from Sunil Singhania’s Investment Approach

There are many useful insights to be gained from Sunil Singhania’s investing experience.

  • Value Investing Approach: Singhania is well-known for his value investing strategy, which entails identifying businesses that are fundamentally sound but that the market has discounted. When purchasing stocks to undervalue them in the long term, this strategy is employed.
  • Long-Term Perspective: Singhania’s portfolio highlights the importance of having a long-term investment perspective. He sticks with his assets during market fluctuations, allowing some equities enough time to realize their full potential.
  • Diversification: Singhania’s portfolio is concentrated but diversified, highlighting the need for diversification to control risk and take advantage of opportunities across multiple industries.
  • Adaptability to Change: Sunil Singhania’s shifting portfolio serves as a reminder of the importance of adaptability to shifting industry and market conditions. Adjusting investment decisions in response to changing circumstances is a crucial learning.
  • Exercising Patience: The benefits of patient investment are demonstrated by Singhania’s capacity to hold onto long-term assets. A common need of successful investment is to refrain from making snap decisions in reaction to transient market swings.


An extensive analysis of Sunil Singhania’s portfolio offers a plethora of information and insights for novice and seasoned investors alike. In the mutual fund sector, Sunil Singhania has proven his abilities and dedication in addition to his stock selection. Those considering investing in Abakkus Investment Advisors have an opportunity thanks to Sunil Singhania’s Stock Basket. Become one of the numerous individuals enthralled with Sunil Singhania’s extraordinary financial tale by investing in Abakkus Financial Advisors right now.

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