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Dolly Khanna Portfolio: Net Worth, Stocks, Holdings (2024)

Dolly Khanna Portfolio

Certain names have a strong association with strategy and success in the stock market investing world. Dolly Khanna, an investor who has made a name for herself in the intricate world of stocks, is one such name. Dolly Khanna has drawn notice over the years for her wise financial choices, making her portfolio a hot topic for conversation among enthusiasts and investors alike. In this article, we’ll tell you about Dolly Khanna Portfolio.

Who is Dolly Khanna? 

Dolly Khanna is an investor who resides in Chennai. Often called the “Silent Investor,” she would rather avoid the spotlight and let her investment do the talking. Rajiv Khanna, Dolly Khanna’s spouse, is in charge of managing her portfolio. Rajiv Khanna was previously a graduate of IIT Madras. In addition, he founded and later sold the frozen yogurt business Kwality Milk Foods to Hindustan Unilever Ltd. in 1986.

Dolly Khanna prefers to keep a low profile, but her portfolio demonstrates her keen investment sense. Dolly Khanna’s ability to identify promising small and mid-cap companies that are frequently overlooked by mainstream investors is what distinguishes her stock portfolio from others.

Her methodical approach to investing centers on identifying companies with solid core values, distinctive market positioning, and room to grow over the long run. This is what Dolly Khanna portfolio distinctly shows. She has an excellent sense of growth-oriented industries and has made profitable investments in FMCG, textiles, and chemicals, among other industries.

Overview of Stocks in Dolly Khanna Portfolio

  • Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd: The purpose of the state-owned oil and gas company in India is to refine and sell petroleum products. With a combined annual refining capacity of about 11.5 million metric tonnes, it runs two refineries in Chennai. CPCL offers a range of lubricants, specialty products, and fuels to meet the needs of the automotive and industrial industries.
  • KCP Ltd: This Indian company is involved in sugar, power, heavy engineering, cement, and healthcare. The company’s cement division produces a range of cement varieties for the building sector. The manufacture of sugar, the creation of renewable energy, and engineering products are among KCP Ltd.’s other ventures.
  • Nitin Spinners Ltd: An established Indian textile manufacturer with a focus on cotton fabric and yarn production. The company’s manufacturing setup, which includes spinning, knitting, processing, and garment units, is vertically integrated. Nitin Spinners is well known for emphasizing quality, sustainability, and innovation. It caters to both domestic and foreign markets.
  • Monte Carlo Fashions Ltd: An Indian fashion and clothing brand called Monte Carlo Fashions Ltd. is renowned for producing fine garments and accessories. With a lengthy history spanning over thirty years, Monte Carlo offers a wide range of products, including sweaters, jackets, t-shirts, and pants. The company is renowned for its stylish designs, superb craftsmanship, and commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • Som Distilleries & Breweries Ltd: An Indian business that manufactures and sells alcoholic drinks. It serves both domestic and foreign markets with a broad selection of spirits, such as gin, brandy, vodka, rum, and whiskey. The company is present in more than 42 countries and runs several breweries and distilleries throughout India.

Dolly Khanna – The Queen of Multibaggers

  • Monte Carlo Fashions: A well-known clothing brand that had a return of more than 30% the previous year.
  • Nitin Spinners:  Textile manufacturer and exporter with a return on investment of more than 100% during the past year.
  • Deepak Spinners: Another textile company with a return of more than 50% in the previous year, producing and exporting yarn.
  • Prakash Pipes: A producer of plastic pipes and other goods that had a 20% return on investment the previous year.

Dolly Khanna Portfolio – Sector-Wise Investment

  • Paper and Packaging: Her portfolio demonstrates her interest in businesses that make paper, packaging, and related goods.
  • Auto Ancillaries: Dolly Khanna’s most recent investments are in auto ancillary businesses, such as those that produce auto parts.
  • Textiles: Dolly Khanna has shown interest in companies in the textile sector, including those that manufacture fabrics, yarn, and apparel labels.
  • Chemicals: Chemical companies that produce carbon products, rubber chemicals, and specialty chemicals are among those in her portfolio.
  • Aquaculture and Animal Feeds: She has made investments in businesses in the aquaculture sector, especially those that make fish and shrimp meals.
  • Plastics and Packaging: The businesses in the plastics and packaging sectors, such as those that produce plastic goods and packaging materials, are among Dolly Khanna’s top picks.

Learnings from Dolly Khanna Portfolio

  • Diversification: Dolly Khanna’s portfolio is diversified across several industries, despite having sector preferences. This diversification reduces risks and takes advantage of opportunities across several industries.
  • Long-term Perspective: Dolly Khanna usually keeps stocks in her portfolio for a long time, which enables companies to grow and stocks to yield large returns. Maintaining a long-term outlook is essential for enduring market turbulence.
  • Early-stage Investments: Dolly Khanna frequently makes investments in businesses that are just starting. She can profit from any potential gains as these businesses grow and develop thanks to this strategy.
  • Focus on Multibagger Opportunities: The secret to Dolly Khanna’s success is her ability to recognize multibagger stocks—investments with the potential to increase in value over time.
  • In-depth Research and Fundamental Analysis: Dolly Khanna’s investments are supported by in-depth investigation and fundamental analysis of the businesses. It’s critical to comprehend market trends and assess future growth potential.

Investment Strategy of Dolly Khanna Portfolio

The primary decision-maker for the Khanna couple’s portfolio, Rajiv Khanna, has a strong belief in seizing growth prospects in the small and mid-cap industries. Holding stocks for a long time, allowing businesses to grow, and then turning those stocks into multi-baggers is their strategy.

Their investment approach is characterized as Growth-Midcap, with a portion allocated to small-cap stocks. They typically look for businesses that have a lot of room to grow, which means they frequently find them early in their company’s life cycle.

Although the Khanna couple’s portfolio suggests a slight preference for manufacturing, agriculture, and chemical companies, they are willing to consider opportunities in other sectors as well. Usually once a quarter, they examine and modify their holdings regularly. Radico Khaitan and Som Distilleries, stocks based on alcohol, were recently added to their portfolio.

Rajiv Khanna prioritizes a growth-oriented strategy over a value-focused one and is a staunch supporter of value investing. This preference informs their stock selection process and demonstrates their dedication to finding businesses with promising future growth.

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