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Tata Elxsi Share Price Analysis: Future Outlook (2024)

Tata Elxsi Share Price

Since its founding in 1989, Tata Elxsi has become a major force in the technology services industry. The company’s primary area of competence is providing technology and design solutions to a range of industries. Its extensive services include digital transformation, IoT (Internet of Things), system integration, and product engineering. Tata Elxsi Share Price growth and market positioning can be attributed to its strategic partnerships with prominent global players and its unwavering dedication to innovation.

Reasons for the Recent Rise in Share Price of “Tata Elxsi Share price”

  • Growing business: The company’s expansion and a rise in client involvement have also helped to drive up the price of Tata Elxsi shares.
  • Low Debt: The company’s share price has increased as a result of its ability to drastically reduce its debt.
  • Sector performance: The IT industry is doing well, and the returns on the industry have been reflected in the share price of Tata Elxsi.
  • Positive news flow: The positive news flow surrounding recently announced collaborations, developments, decisions, and contract wins can be attributed to the increase in the share price of Tata Elxsi.
  • Positive outlook: The company has received favorable ratings from analysts and investors, which has increased investor confidence and resulted in higher share prices.

How to Buy TATA Elxsi Shares?

Shares of Tata Elxsi can be purchased via a registered stock broker or a broker. To purchase and sell Tata Elxsi shares, you can open a demat account with a broker. Additionally, you can purchase and sell Tata Elxsi shares via a reputable stock exchange such as the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) or the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE).

How to Invest in Tata Elxsi Shares?

  • Choose a Broker: Open trading and a Demat account with the broker of your choosing. You must first open an account to invest in Tata Elxsi shares.
  • Research: Before investing, evaluate news, company finances, and current market trends.
  • Place an order: Enter the number of shares you want to purchase, log into your trading account, and submit a buy order.
  • Payment: Once the order is placed, the transaction must be completed by transferring the necessary funds to the broker’s bank account.
  • Track: Determine when to close your positions based on regular performance reviews of your portfolio.

Tata Elxsi Financial Performance Analysis

  • Revenue Growth: Tata Elxsi Share price yearly revenue growth over the previous five years has ranged from 4% to 8%. This indicates consistent growth, which is encouraging.
  • Profit Margin: The company’s profit margin has been comparatively steady over the same five years. This suggests that Tata Elxsi has maintained profitability growth while keeping operating costs under control.
  • Free Cash Flow: Free cash flow is a crucial indicator of a company’s cash-generating capacity. Over the previous five years, Tata Elxsi’s free cash flow has increased steadily, showing that the company has been able to raise money and reinvest it in its operations.

Economic Factors

  • Inflation: Elevated inflation aims to decrease the buying power of currency and subsequently elevate its worth.
  • Profit: Higher capital gains and better business turnover are directly correlated with lower profit loss. This, in turn, raises the possibility that businesses will invest in capital growth, expansion, or the introduction of new products, all of which support the use of human labor. purchase and selling Gold is becoming more expensive.
  • Exchange Rate: Changes in the exchange rate will have an impact on Tata Elxchir’s price; domestic demand was impacted, which made the scale less competitive.
  • International Economy: Tata Elxsi Share price will be impacted by developments in the world economy. The slowdown in the world economy allowed Indian exports to lower demand abroad, which had an impact on prices.
  • Technological Innovation: Tata Elxsi Share price can develop technologically and alter its value impact, which makes it an innovative company. The share price of the company should increase if it can create new, inventive materials or increase the market share of already existing ones.

Tata Ka Sabse Sasta Share

Tata Elxsi’s Revenue and Profitability Growth

Being a part of the largest conglomerate in India, the Tata Group includes Tata Elxsi. It offers engineering solutions and services to the communications, media and entertainment, building, healthcare, and automotive sectors.

Tata Elxsi Share price has seen remarkable growth in both revenue and profitability over the last five years. Its net profit increased at a CAGR of 26.7%, but its revenue grew by 18.9%. It recorded revenue of Rs 4,155 crore in 2020, a 12.3% increase from the year before. During the same period last year, its net profit increased by 17.9% to Rs 835 crore.

To promote sustainable growth going forward, Tata Elxsi Share Priceintends to make use of its experience in four important markets: communications, media and entertainment, healthcare, and automotive. Additionally, it recently forged a strategic alliance with Fujitsu to offer cutting-edge solutions for automotive technology. In the upcoming years, these and other strategic initiatives will likely lead to higher growth in revenue and profitability.

Business Segments of Tata Elxsi Share Price

  • Healthcare and Pharma: They provide therapeutic, diagnostic, and patient monitoring solutions. The company’s TEDREG, TEngage, TEcare, and TEmpower are its successful online health platforms.
  • Media, Broadcast, and Communications: This section covers topics related to broadcast automation, content management, and over-the-top (OTT) services as they relate to media engineering. Products in this category consist of iCX, FalconEye, and TEPlay.
  • Automotive: The company provides engineering services under this division, including electrification, connected car solutions, autonomous driving, and advanced driver assistance systems. This category includes the cutting-edge platforms Autom@TE, TECockpit, and TETHER.

Cash Flow and Liquidity Analysis  of Tata Elxsi Share Price

  • Cash Flow Statement Analysis: Cash flows from financing, investing, and operating activities are included in Tata Elxsi Share price cash flow statement. There has been a significant improvement in the cash flow from operating activities when comparing the cash flow from the current year to the previous one. The main causes of this are a rise in sales and a drop in operating costs.
  • Liquidity Ratio Analysis: Tata Elxsi’s liquidity ratios show that the business can easily pay its current liabilities with its current assets. The company’s current ratio of 1.15 exceeds the 1.05. average for the industry. This suggests that Tata Elxsi is better positioned to use its current assets to pay down its short-term liabilities.

Alliance with Global Companies of Tata Elxsi Share price

  • To develop multimedia solutions for the automotive industry, it has partnered with MediaTek.
  • Tata Elxsi’s connected mobility solutions include a strategic alliance with Bosch.
  • The company offers complete graphic solutions for the gaming and automotive industries and is a Gold Partner of Nvidia. 
  • Additionally, Tata Elxsi and Avnet, a well-known international supplier of technology solutions, have a strategic alliance.

FAQ for Tata Elxsi Share Price

Q1. What is Tata Elxsi’s market capitalization?

The market value of an outstanding share of a publicly traded company is known as its market capitalization, or market cap. As of January 5, 24th, Tata Elxsi’s market capitalization is ₹53,825 Cr.

Q2. What are Tata Elxsi’s PE and PB ratios?

As of January 5, 24; Tata Elxsi’s PE and PB ratios are 68.56 and 25.68, respectively.

Q3. Which 52 Tata Elxsi weak highs and lows are they?

The 52-week high/low, which is regarded as a technical indicator, is the highest and lowest price at which a Tata Elxsi share price stock has traded during that specific time frame (roughly equivalent to one year). As of 5 January ’24, the Tata Elxsi’s 52-week high and low are ₹9,200.00 and ₹5,882.55.


Investors and market watchers continue to be interested in and cautious about Tata Elxsi Share Price. The company’s stock movements are influenced by a variety of factors, including industry dynamics, financial performance, the state of the world economy, and investor sentiment. Investors looking to navigate the ever-changing stock market and make wise decisions about Tata Elxsi’s shares must have a thorough understanding of these factors.

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