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Tata Technologies IPO (2023): Your Gateway to Growth

Tata Technologies IPO

Tata Technologies IPO is a significant player in the worldwide engineering services industry and a Tata Motors Limited subsidiary. Tata Technologies provides services to global original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their Tier 1 suppliers with an emphasis on product development and digital solutions. 

Key Things to Know About Tata Technologies IPO

Here are important things you should know about Tata Technologies IPO. Let’s dive into the details-

IPO Date 22 November, 2023 to 24 November, 2023
Price Band Rs 475 to Rs 500 per share
Face Value Rs 2 per share
Lot Size 30 Shares
Total Issue Size 60,850,278 shares

(aggregating up to Rs 3,042.51 Cr)

Offer for Sale 60,850,278 shares of Rs 2

(aggregating up to Rs 3,042.51 Cr)

Tata Technologies IPO Date

November 22, 2023, is when subscriptions for the Tata Technologies IPO will open. On November 24, 2023, it is scheduled to end.

Listing Date

The IPO schedule states that trading in Tata Technologies’ shares will begin on December 5, 2023.

Offer Details

  • Through the IPO at the higher price band, the company hopes to raise about Rs 3,042.51 crores.
  • The offering would include an offer by the Sponsors and Traders to buy the business, as per the plan.
  • Promoter In the offer-for-sale, Tata Motors would sell 4.62 crore equity shares, valued at Rs 2,314 crore.
  • Investors For a total of Rs 486 crore, Alpha TC Holdings Pte Ltd will sell 97.17 lakh shares. The Tata Capital Growth Fund A total of 49 lakh shares, or Rs 243 crore, will be sold by me.
  • Tata Tech has set aside 60.85 lakh shares for Tata Motors‘ stockholders and 20.28 lakh shares for its staff.

Price Range for Tata Technologies Shared Products

The price range for the issue has been set by Tata Technologies at Rs 475–500 per share. It should be noted that the corporation is valued at Rs 20,283 crore at the highest price range.

Lot Size

  • Investors are able to place bids for a minimum of 30 equity shares and up to 300 shares after that in the Tata Technologies IPO.
  • The least amunt that ordinary investors would therefore need to deposit is Rs 14,250[(30 (lot size) x 475 (lowest price band)]. Keep in mind that the top bid will reach Rs 15,000 at that point.

Company Financials

Tata Technologies recorded a 42.8% year-over-year increase in consolidated net profit at Rs 624 crores for the fiscal year that concluded in March 2023, according to the company’s statements. There was a 25.81% increase in revenue.

The following is a quick summary of Tata Technologies’ financial position (in rupees):

Financial Year Total Assets Total Revenue Profit After Tax EPS
31 March, 2020 2,572.97 2,896.96 251.57 6.20
31 March, 2021 3,572.74 2,425.74 239.17 5.89
31 March 2022 4,218.00 3,578.38 436.99 10.77
31 March, 2023 5,201.49 4,501.93 624.04 15.38

How to Apply for Tata Technologies IPO Using Stock Trading App?

The following instructions explain how to apply online for Tata Technologies IPO:

Step 1:  Check out the IPO page, or if you use any stock trading app, navigate to the stocks tab, scroll down to see the list of currently ongoing IPOs, and choose the Tata Technologies option.

Step 2: You can view all the pertinent information, including offering size, pricing, and other facts, once you click on Tata Technologies IPO. For further details on the problem, you can also read the Red Herring Prospectus (RHP) here. Next, to continue, click “Apply.”

Step 3:  You will find the pre-filled field for the minimum number of shares on the order card. Input the number of shares you wish to purchase. In order to continue, click “Continue.”

Step 4: You must then click “Submit Bid” after confirming bids.

Step 5: The highest bid amount will be blocked in your account and not available for withdrawal after the order has been confirmed. Keep in mind that if you don’t obtain the allotment, this money will be unlocked.

Using your Stock Trading App on any, you can monitor the progress of your Tata Technologies IPO application. Please take note that changes or cancellations of orders will only be accepted during the IPO period.


The Tata Technologies IPO appears good, according to several industry experts. But after taking into account the company’s aims, finances, and related risks and advantages, you should only apply for this IPO if it aligns with your financial objectives.

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