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Best Small Franchise Business in India (2024)

Small franchise business in India

Small Franchise Business in India have become an important driver of economic growth and entrepreneurship in India’s dynamic business ecosystem. These businesses, which are frequently based in the neighborhood, exhibit adaptability, resilience, and a special fusion of conventional values and contemporary methods. Small franchise companies thrive despite various obstacles, making a substantial contribution to India’s socioeconomic structure.

Benefits for Small Franchise Business in India

  • Greater employment and income prospects for the community.
  • Advantages for a better quality of life for residents of small towns.
  • Potential economic expansion through drawing in new clients to the region.
  • launching new goods and services to open up new markets for business owners.
  • The creation of income will accelerate economic growth, allowing for the expansion of infrastructure, healthcare, education, and other facilities.

Food Truck Franchises

Food Truck Franchises

Food trucks Small Franchise Business in India have grown in popularity as a dining option over time. In India, mobile kitchens, as they are sometimes referred to, are becoming more and more common in both the country’s rural and urban areas. The younger generation is very excited about this trend, and you can often see them gathered around food trucks after school and in college. This franchise model is an additional great choice, both in terms of investment and risk. There are numerous food truck franchises to pick from wherever you go in this city.

  • Capital: Rs. 8-10 lakhs
  • Skills required:  Communication, Fast-Learner, Patience, Work under pressure

Ice Cream Franchises

Ice Cream Franchises

The idea of opening an ice cream Small Franchise Business in India is a great way to hone one’s entrepreneurial abilities and achieve success in a contemporary economy such as India, where franchising has become one of the most feasible business startup options. The industry’s success is seen in the growing competition and franchise-based expansion throughout India. Since customers in rural areas have less disposable income and resources, business owners can gain a lot from a quality ice cream franchise. Furthermore, a small ice cream shop could be established with moderate capital costs and a small footprint.

  • Capital: Between Rs. 5-10 lakhs
  • Skills required: Communication, Fast-Learner, Patience, Work under pressure

Retail Franchises

Retail Franchises

India ranks as the world’s fifth-largest retail market.  Establishing a premium brand in a small town where consumers are less inclined to make long-term purchases can have a revolutionary effect on your business and the community at large. Providing your customers with everything they require at fair prices under one roof is a simple way to launch your business. To enhance customer satisfaction, the company provides products that are tailored to meet the unique needs of its customers.

  • Capital: approx. Rs. 10 lakhs
  • Skills required: Attention to detail, Communication, Mathematical, Selling

Waste ManagementSmall Franchise Business in India

Waste Management

This is a well-established profitable Small Franchise Business in India, and there is money in the trash. Trash is always disposed of in residential and commercial settings. Powerful trucks and labor would be required for the segregation or management of these wastes. If you offer excellent waste management services to individuals and businesses, you will make significant profits from them. 

  • Capital: approx. Rs. 100 lakhs
  • Skills required: Knowledge-Based, Patience, Technical 

Oxygen Cylinder Refill/Provider

Oxygen Cylinder Refill Provider

At the moment, there is a great demand for this business in India. Oxygen has been scarce in homes and medical facilities ever since the pandemic. Both new and returning patients require the refilling of oxygen cylinders. Your laboratory is required to produce oxygen files and cylinders. 

  • Capital: Between Rs. 30-50 lakhs
  • Skills required: Safety, Technical, Manufacturing

Gift ShopSmall Franchise Business in India

Gift Shop

Unique gifts, mementos, and novelty items that aren’t available in retail establishments are available at gift shops. India is a country where giving is a culture, and people like to buy special gifts, especially for special occasions. Offering specialized and personalized gift options would provide you with a competitive advantage.

  • Capital: Rs. 1-2 lakhs
  • Skills required: Communication, Bagging, Mathematical, Wrapping

Car ParkingSmall Franchise Business in India

Car Parking

In Indian cities, parking is a major issue and a great chance for Small Franchise Business in India. Car owners would fight for a spot if parking spaces were made available so that vehicles could park safely and avoid traffic jams. There must be a fair parking fee. 

  • Capital: approx. Rs. 1,000-5,000 
  • Skills required: Communication, Mathematical, Patience

Pet Care ServicesSmall Franchise Business in India

Pet Care Services

Responsible pet owners desire the best treatment for their animals. Indian pet owners never cut corners when it comes to hygiene. Numerous pet services, such as boarding, grooming, sitting, and walking, are available to you. Pet supplies and food also allow you to make extra money. 

  • Capital: Between Rs. 10,000-2 lakhs
  • Skills required: Communication, Canine Anatomy, Knowledge-Based, Grooming 

Affiliate MarketingSmall Franchise Business in India

Affiliate Marketing

Another Small Franchise Business in India that you can implement on your website or social media accounts is affiliate marketing (YouTube channel, Facebook, Instagram, etc.). Additionally, there would be no initial capital outlay for this. Selling or promoting the goods or services of another company on your website or channel may earn you commissions. Shares can be computed by Cost Per Action (CPA) or by purchasing through your link. 

  • Capital: Rs. 20,000 -1 lakh
  • Skills required: Marketing, Communication

Dance InstructorSmall Franchise Business in India

Dance Instructor

If you have a passion for dancing, you could work as a part-time instructor. Show off your routines and choreography to others. This is an Indian small business idea that doubles as a side gig and a means of staying in shape. If you have a passion for dancing, you could work as a part-time instructor. Additionally, you can plan various choreographies for various age groups. 

  • Capital: Rs. 5-10 lakhs
  • Skills required: Dance, Communication

Mobile Phone Repair Shop

Mobile Phone Repair Shop

In India, it’s anticipated that demand for mobile phone repair businesses will only increase. Given that most people in India own a mobile phone, this is an excellent small business idea. The most popular area for your store must be your choice. so that they can see it. You have the option to sell phone accessories and credit recharge in addition to repair services. 

  • Capital: Rs. 2-4 lakhs
  • Skills required: Technical skills, Phone repair knowledge.
  • Increase in Disposable Incomes: People in India’s smaller cities and villages now have more disposable income than ever before thanks to factors like economic growth, employment opportunities, and government initiatives. Due to their increased ability to spend money, people in these communities are in greater demand for the branded products and services that franchises provide.
  • Change in consumer taste and lifestyles: Exposure to urban lifestyles and the media has altered consumer preferences in small towns. Customers want the consistency and dependability that only well-known brands can offer more than ever. Franchises attract a plethora of customers who prioritize quality, convenience, and a state-of-the-art retail experience due to the dependable and uniform nature of their favored brands.
  • Improvement in Infrastructure: Improved road and electricity accessibility, as well as the development of shopping centers and commercial complexes, have all contributed to the growth of franchise businesses in small towns. Franchises now find it simpler to enter and establish themselves in the market thanks to these modifications.
  • Support provided by the Government of India: The Indian government has put in place several programs aimed at encouraging the development of small businesses and entrepreneurship in the nation’s rural areas. Government initiatives like Made in India, Start-Up India, and Stand-Up India have encouraged franchises to open locations in less populated areas. With government assistance, the process of obtaining franchises, licenses, and financial aid has become more straightforward.
  • Potential to grow in untapped markets: India’s smaller cities offer a sizable, unexplored market for franchises. These areas offer great opportunities for business development and growth because they are less congested than large cities. These markets are seen by franchisors as rich opportunities for growing their customer bases and building brand loyalty.


Small franchise business in India are the perfect example of combining established branding, operational support, and entrepreneurship. In the constantly changing tale of Indian entrepreneurship, the journey from a small franchisee to a prosperous business owner continues to be an inspirational tale.

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