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HDFC CIBIL Score (2023): Smart Finances, Simple Scores


Well, In this blog, we are going to learn about the HDFC CIBIL Score. CIBIL stands for the Credit Information Bureau of India Ltd. and is India’s oldest credit information proving institution. The basis of your creditworthiness is your CIBIL score. An individual’s creditworthiness increases with increasing value. Simply said, it’s a number that expresses how confident a person is in their ability to repay the lender for the loan amount. Numerous variables are taken into consideration when calculating a credit score from CIBIL, including debt levels, length of credit history, number of open accounts, repayment patterns, and percentage of available credit used.

Generally speaking, a CIBIL score of 700 or higher is regarded as good and guarantees easy loan amount procurement. 

What is the CIBIL score in HDFC Bank?

The HDFC CIBIL score is between 300 and 900, with a score over 700 being deemed sufficient to be authorized for a loan. However, the cutoff may be a little higher for some loans. Since a higher credit score denotes a more responsible repayment history, it increases your chances of having your loan approved.

What Factors Affect HDFC CIBIL Score?

Pay attention to a few factors that affect your HDFC CIBIL score in order to ensure a high likelihood of loan acceptance.

  • Credit Utilization Ratio: The ratio of how much credit you utilize to your desired credit limit is known as your credit usage. If you consistently use more credit than you have available, your HDFC CIBIL score will suffer. Remain within this limit to keep your credit score high. Using a credit limit of about one lakh, spend about thirty thousand rupees every month.
  • The behavior of the borrower: Your credit score is determined by whether or not you have made timely payments, and it is a reflection of your conduct as a borrower when you check your HDFC credit score. Your credit score may suffer from a single late payment. Pay all of your invoices, debts, and other commitments on schedule to maintain a high CIBIL score for an HDFC Bank loan.
  • Multiple credit card and loan applications: You would be negatively impacted by your repeated applications for credit cards and loans from several banks on your HDFC CIBIL score. If you currently have a credit card, wait a while before applying for a new one. Don’t apply for new cards too quickly. Even with loans, if you already have one in your name, don’t apply for another one. It will support you in keeping a respectable credit score.
  • Credit mix: Excellent credit scores increase the likelihood of both secured and unsecured loans for borrowers. A credit mix of secured and unsecured loans should be included when applying for a credit card or loan through HDFC Bank.
  • Credit History Length: A long credit history increases the likelihood that your loan will be granted. A long credit history indicates responsible and timely payment of all previous loans. Lenders rely on people with long credit histories to provide loans to them.

How To Improve The Low Credit Score Of HDFC Bank?

  • Low credit scores may limit your options for financing. Banks typically restrict the use of credit cards for customers with bad credit scores. Applicants with poor credit are not eligible for loan benefits. 
  • You should take the following steps to improve your HDFC CIBIL score.
  • Make sure you pay all of your bills, EMIs, and loans on time to avoid late fines. Your credit score is significantly impacted by late payments.
  • Refrain from making several fast loan applications as this could harm your HDFC CIBIL score report in the long run. It will reveal your severe money need and lack of patience.
  • To avoid making both minor and major mistakes, keep an eye on your credit history.
  • Having a mix of secured and unsecured loans will help you improve your credit score. Credit card that is not secured. Conversely, secured loans consist of mortgages for real estate, automobiles, and trucks. If you make on-time bill payments, a credit mix can raise your CIBIL score.

What Are HDFC Bank’s Requirements For CIBIL Score?

The HDFC bank requires the following ranges of CIBIL scores in order to approve loans:

  • Personal loan: A personal loan is typically approved with a CIBIL score of 700–750, with 700 being the required minimum score.
  • Home loan: In order to be approved for an HDFC home loan, your CIBIL score must be between 720 and 750. Bigger is better.
  • Car loan: A minimum CIBIL score of 700 is necessary to be approved for an HDFC auto loan.

How Does HDFC Bank Calculate Credit Scores?

Your HDFC CIBIL score, like that of other banks and financial institutions, is determined by your creditworthiness and runs from 300 to 900. Your credit score is determined by HDFC Bank based on a number of variables.

The HDFC bank does a detailed calculation of your payment history. It will significantly affect how creditworthy you are. Your HDFC credit score will be impacted if you are a borrower and have been paying your payments on schedule.

Your credit utilization ratio has a significant impact on your credit score as well. Maintaining sound and balanced spending practices could contribute to achieving a minimum CIBIL Score. Applicants should spend between thirty and forty percent of their monthly credit limit in order to maintain a decent credit score.

When determining your HDFC CIBIL score, HDFC bank representatives also look over all of your bank accounts and the information in them. Having a combination of secured and unsecured loans on your credit report could improve your credit score.

The HDFC takes into account both the duration of your credit history and your age.

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