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Top 10 Ashneer Grover Startups: From Fintech to Healthtech

Ashneer Grover Startups

Ashneer Grover is a well-known figure in the startup sector because of his cash contributions and endeavors. BharatPe is an Indian fintech company that specializes in online transactions for small businesses, of which he is a co-founder. Under his leadership, BharatPe prospered and became a significant player in the Indian transaction sector. Ashneer Grover has expressed interest in funding several different companies. We will look at the list of Ashneer Grover startups that Ashneer Grover has invested in in this article.

Here’s a List of Ashneer Grover Startups

Ashneer, the wise guy, came up with a way to let tiny companies take electronic payments. He is not just the creator; he is also a skilled investor. He has contributed to numerous businesses in industries such as gambling, healthcare, and finance. The Ashneer Grover startups are as follows:

Big Bang Food Tech

Big Bang Food Tech

Big Bang Food Tech, a Thrasio-style restaurant roll-up company founded by Abhimanyu Singh Rana, Sonia Sinha, Sonia Mohindra, and Manu Mohindra, has drawn notice for growing 80X since its creation. Given that Big Bang had a 50% rise in monthly purchases in just two months, it is a startup that is worth checking out. Among the other Ashneer Grover startups, Big Bang Food Tech raised INR 4.8 crore in its Seed round with the assistance of a group of investors led by Artha Venture Fund, Ashneer Grover, Harsh Jain, Anand Kumar, Nikhil Aggarwal, and others.

Freadom- Ashneer Grover Startups


Freadom is a holistic learning environment for kids ages 3 to 12 that was founded in 2008. This creative company aims to improve young children’s conversational abilities as well as their reading and speaking English. With the help of Ashneer and a few other investors, the company was able to secure USD 2.5 million in Seed Venture Capital.

The Whole Truth

The Whole Truth

Protein bars, energy bars, and other healthy snack options are available at The Whole Truth. It’s interesting to notice that nothing artificial, including food coloring or sugar, is used at this company; everything is natural. In 2019, Shashank Mehta started the company. It uses exclusively natural materials to generate its whole array of marketable goods. This sets the company apart in the industry. Ashneer Grover and eleven other investors contributed INR 43 crore to this wonderful venture in the television series A Rounding.

Koo App-Ashneer Grover Startups

Koo App

Koo is an Indian microblogging site. The Koo App, which was founded in March 2020 by Aprameya Radhakrishna and Mayank Bidawatka, is a promising Made in India service platform that supports PM Narendra Modi’s goal. It also won the AatmaNirbhar innovation challenge. It is a social media platform that facilitates communication between Indian users in over 13 regional Indian languages, as well as the sharing of audio and video content. In its Series B funding round, the well-known Indian local vernacular social media app raised approximately $10 million in capital from Ashneer Grover and a few other investors, including Capier Venture Partner and Ravi Modi Family Trust. Two tranches made up the round.

PazCare- Ashneer Grover Startups


This incredible company was founded by two people, Sanchit Malik and Manish Mishra. Paz Care is a technology-driven health insurance platform that was established in 2020. This organization’s corporate headquarters are located in Bangalore, India. This health insurance technology platform enables customers to create, manage, and oversee employee benefit plans. This business is also successful in the IT, healthcare, and finance industries. Already, Among the other Ashneer Grover startups, PazCare has garnered $870 million in capital. This incredible startup has received significant financial contributions from thirteen active investors. In a seed round, this company additionally raised INR 25 crores from six other investors, including Ashneer Grover and 3one4 Capital.

India Gold

India Gold

India Gold is the best supplier of digital gold, gold loans, and locker services in India. This new company offers pretty amazing services for gold lockers. In 2020, the company was established specifically for Indian nationals. This company’s primary goal is to combine meticulous asset-liability management with cutting-edge algorithms for the benefit of its banking partners. Its extensive product and service stack enables its partners to grow their asset-backed offerings. This company also offers gold loans and rapid loans with low interest rates. Ashneer Grover and nine other investors from other fields committed 14 crores of rupees in this venture.

HireQuotient- Ashneer Grover Startups


It is a 2021 startup that offers HR technologies. The purpose of this competence evaluation program is to automate the HR interview procedure. HireQuotient generates final recommendations and gives companies insights into a candidate’s abilities relevant to a certain job. The startup seeks to alter the non-technical employment procedure. Ashneer and seven other investors gave the business $1.8 million for a pre-seed round.

Fello- Ashneer Grover Startups


The first video game-based savings app in India is called Fello, and it was founded in Bangalore. In 2021, Manish Maryada and Shourya Lala established this business. Through gaming and winning rewards, users can invest and save money on this site. Your regular bank account receives an immediate deposit of all of your game earnings into it. It is one of the Ashneer Grover startups as an investor because Ashneer Grover committed $1 million to this innovative business platform together with eight other investors.

Skippi Ice Pops

Skippi Ice Pops

The brand of skippi ice popsicles was established in 2020. The company considers the health of its customers when manufacturing its products. Their ice popsicles are all-natural, with no artificial coloring, sweetener, or preservatives. It is available in a variety of tastes that are not only mouthwatering but also organic and healthful. He contributed 20 lakhs of rupees for a 3% stake in the business.

Front Row

Front Row

The Front Row startup wants to empower people to follow their hobbies. In 2012, it created an online education platform. They offer classes in sports, art, and hobbies. These classes cover a wide range of topics, such as comedy, cricket, and music. By taking part in frequent events and tournaments on the site, students can increase their practice. Ashneer and many other investors contributed 100 crore INR to the company. Deepika Padukone has also made investments in this company.


Ashneer Grover presents a remarkable picture of inventiveness, perseverance, and teamwork through her exceptional support of entrepreneurs. Grover has demonstrated his commitment to advancing innovative ideas by making astute investments that have expedited the growth of Ashneer Grover startups as an investor. The businesses covered in this blog show the possibilities of audacious entrepreneurship, transforming a wide range of industries, including finance and education. Ashneer Grover continues to support and grow fledgling businesses, we eagerly anticipate the future contributions that these entrepreneurs will make to a variety of industries and the global economy.

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